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Partners for Rural America

Partners for Rural America (PRA) serves as the national association of State Rural Development Councils (SRDC’s). Currently, SRDC’s operate in thirty-seven states and plans are underway for the establishment of councils in all fifty states.

SRDC’s are collaborative partnerships comprised of the private and non-profit sectors and government agencies at all levels. Their goals are to increase economic and social opportunities for rural citizens and to increase the viability of rural communities.


Areas of SRDC Focus


  • Community Development & Housing

  • Economic Development

  • Health Care & Transportation

  • Telecommunication & Technology



National Rural Development Partnership

PRA also exists to support the National Rural Development Partnership (NRDP) and the entities affiliated with it. Our goals:


  • Identify and secure funds to provide general operating support for State Rural Development Council's (SRDCs) and PRA beyond federal government funds.

  • Idetnify and secure grants to support increased staffing for member SRDCs and PRA.

  • Serve as a "matchmaker" between member SRDCs and potential funders for demonstration and pilot projects addressing specific issues and challenges.

  • Develop a process by which SRDCs can inform local rural leaders about pending federal policy actions, and feedback can be generated to federal policy makers.

  • Through PRA and SRDCs, lead the development of a coordinated and holistic national rural policy.


View the NRDP 2006 Report to Congress here

View the NRDP Guiding Principles here



Visit the USDA Rural Development website:

The National Rural Development Partnership and the State Rural Development Councils are recognized by the United States Department of Agriculture under the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018.

View the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002 here. 

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